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Back to the Mountain. Again.

Photo by Pawan Yadav on Pexels.com Though teachers and students across the U.S. have been trickling back to school for the past several weeks, the celebration of Labor Day traditionally signals the final, “That’s all folks!” regarding summer fun. Or any fun. Whatsoever. Did I mention I’m a teacher heading back this week? Now parents,… Continue reading Back to the Mountain. Again.


On Jumping Over Hurdles, and Falling With (on Your) Dignity

  Track is a sport of self-motivation.  Though, technically, you run against other racers, it's really you against yourself -- Can you force yourself to do a little better?  Last a little longer?  Go a little faster?  I ran track for eight years. It was one big party in grade school, but when I got to high school the… Continue reading On Jumping Over Hurdles, and Falling With (on Your) Dignity


Forget Resolutions. Let’s Talk Deadlines.

In my house, the tell-tale sign of a new year approaching is directly correlated to the increasing number of Post-it's and gum wrappers lying around covered with "dates to remember."  Yes, it's time to buy a new calendar.  For many, it's also the prime season to get organized and take charge of LIFE for the coming year. I'm… Continue reading Forget Resolutions. Let’s Talk Deadlines.