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A Good Reason to Stay Wrapped Up in Your Burrito Blanket

Image via  Hello, LIFE WARRIORS! I know it's getting chilly. I know it's getting dark. I know your muscles are starting to atrophy under the weight of your slovenly-introverted ways. *stares into the silence* Ok. Just me, then. Well, no matter your current heart rate, if you're in the mood for an autumnal readerly… Continue reading A Good Reason to Stay Wrapped Up in Your Burrito Blanket


The People in My Bloggy Neighborhood

  One of the main reasons I started blogging was to find a venue where I could swap ideas, start conversations, and commiserate with like-minded individuals. And I haven't been disappointed. Some peeps I'd like to mention today: A few fabulous writing friends in my community have no idea about overlooked my fear of chain mail and recently bestowed some bloggy award love… Continue reading The People in My Bloggy Neighborhood

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Matching Tattoos With Margaret

Please enjoy this post from the archives (the first one of my blogging days) while  My apologies to the four people who have already read this -- go watch Oprah instead. Let me start from the beginning -- I love Margaret Atwood. Not in the, "Then why don't you marry her?" sense, but very simply, I'm… Continue reading Matching Tattoos With Margaret