Well, Hello There, Monday. Prepare to be Dominated!

Another weekend has ended. Bleary-eyed and fog-laden you creep downstairs to confront the day. You're not ready. You'll never be ready. You curse the day's very existence. Often, Monday ends up being about as pointless as Jerry Springer's, Final Thoughts. True productivity doesn't kick in until sometime around Wednesday afternoon. And, life is even busier right… Continue reading Well, Hello There, Monday. Prepare to be Dominated!


Early Morning Thoughts on Black Friday

  Ahhh...Thanksgiving was lovely. Thank goodness for elastic waistbands. ACK! Less than a month until Christmas! Ugh...wine headache. I wonder if I should start making my holiday gift list?  (Curses on all those people who are done shopping.  Curses, I say!) Must finish NaNoWriMo...or, maybe I'll start re-reading the Harry Potter books, instead. So glad we have some… Continue reading Early Morning Thoughts on Black Friday


A Book Lover’s Walk of Shame

Things were getting out of control. I had only meant for it to last a couple of days. But, days turned into a week. One week became two. Now, almost four weeks later, the guilt was setting in. If only this was the first time, it wouldn't be so bad. But, no. There had been… Continue reading A Book Lover’s Walk of Shame


A Writer’s Interpretation of a “Maybe”

Note: The following is a re-post from July, but I thought it would make a nice kick off for NaNoWriMo Week #2.  Sometimes the possibility of a "maybe" may be all a writer needs to keep on keeping on.    12:31 pm: Dear Diary, Oh!  Mail’s here.  I’ll just have a quick look -- a few manuscripts circulating. 12:32 pm: Oh joy!… Continue reading A Writer’s Interpretation of a “Maybe”


Stranded on the Island of Misfit Ideas

  When you're a writer, ideas seem to sneak up on you at some of the most inopportune moments.  While you're off pretending to be a normal, social member of society, an idea may suddenly flash across your brain in bright neon lights.  You race away, jotting down notes as quickly as possible in an effort to… Continue reading Stranded on the Island of Misfit Ideas


It’s Time to Play Hooky

[picapp align="center" wrap="false" link="term=business+person+at+a+park&iid=7702376" src="http://view1.picapp.com/pictures.photo/image/7702376/portrait-businessman/portrait-businessman.jpg?size=500&imageId=7702376" width="380" height="253" /]   What's this? you say.  Only two weeks after talking about battling that big old writing mountain, and you're already talking about playing hooky?  Why, yes friends, I am. Because, this Tuesday, I'm planning on taking the day off from writing in the name of research, mental health, monumentally bad hair, and… Continue reading It’s Time to Play Hooky