Eight Days Without A Refrigerator (Life At Room Temperature)

We have deemed this season as, "The Summer of our Discontent." No matter my pledge to be present for my kids during these sunny months, life has posed some distractions. In the past four weeks, our basement flooded, the phone line went down, and the air conditioning in my car blew up. There have been scheduling issues, hospital visits, Lego disputes,… Continue reading Eight Days Without A Refrigerator (Life At Room Temperature)


On Being A More Observant Writer (Or, Why Is There Still A Poinsettia In My Kitchen?)

Every fall, on the day after Thanksgiving, my family and I take part in our annual tradition of dragging out of all of the Christmas boxes, and competing in the, "Who can last the longest at putting up all of the decorations?" contest. I always win. On January 1st we hold another competition. This one's called, "Who can last the… Continue reading On Being A More Observant Writer (Or, Why Is There Still A Poinsettia In My Kitchen?)


Blogging Paranoia…(It’s All About Me!)

Since I'm rapidly approaching my one year blogging anniversary (and am in the midst of a busy week), I thought I would share one of my older posts. Happy Blogging!   Before I started Amanda's Wrinkled Pages, I had never intentionally read or sought out another blog.  Borrowing from that timeless classic of artistic expression, Pretty Woman, I'll say, "Close… Continue reading Blogging Paranoia…(It’s All About Me!)

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Writing Apathy — Recognizing the Signs

    Writing Apathy is a real and serious write-threatening condition. It can swoop down on the unsuspecting with its massive productivity-stealing claws at the first indication of a compromised work ethic. You may have been on a writing schedule consisting of 4,000+ words-a-day, only to suddenly find yourself staring at a blank screen while drool collects at… Continue reading Writing Apathy — Recognizing the Signs

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Are You in a Toxic (Reading) Relationship?

  I'm currently off on a dangerous and secret mission involving time travel, espionage, and peace-talks with dental hygienists. Please enjoy this post from the archives during my absence.   I love my husband. I do. BUT... There is something about him I desperately want to change -- his reading habits. Not only (in my opinion) does he not read enough,… Continue reading Are You in a Toxic (Reading) Relationship?


Your Blog’s Accidental Tourists

So, you started a blog. Maybe it's about knitting or parenting. Pop culture or cars. Or, maybe your blog is simply a lesson in dignified randomness. Or smut. Whatever your blog's theme, you probably came to it with shiny-eyed expectations of who your ideal readers would be: an intellectual type, the newbie mom, one who appreciates all… Continue reading Your Blog’s Accidental Tourists