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Because the Laundry is Never Done

 When the laundry is done, I’ll take that dream pinned on my sleeve,and march down mountainto find reprieve.~A.H.  Our constant battle with the laundry may be one of life's greatest excuses -- because it never ends. Even when you've found every last mud-spattered sock shoved under beds and couches... Even when lockers have been emptied and backpacks have… Continue reading Because the Laundry is Never Done

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Interview with Poet, David Budbill — Part II

We're talking with accomplished poet, novelist, playwright, and essayist, David Budbill. Check out Part I of this interview for a discussion on David's poetic beginnings, as well as to hear about how his life experiences influenced his writing.  And now, Part II... ********** Amanda: Let's talk about your upcoming collection, HAPPY LIFE. The title, at least, sounds like this is a work of positive… Continue reading Interview with Poet, David Budbill — Part II

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Interview with Poet, David Budbill — Part I

My sister gave me a coffee mug for Christmas (which, incidentally, is only used for tea) inscribed with one of my favorite lines of poetry: What good is my humility, when I am stuck in this obscurity?   It comes from a short poem I discovered several years ago called "Dilemma," written by David Budbill. I've always… Continue reading Interview with Poet, David Budbill — Part I

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Curing Your Writing Apathy

Last week we talked about writing apathy -- a debilitating and write-threatening disease that affects the will to write.  If the thought of sitting at your computer for an hour leaves you whimpering for a copy of Us Weekly, you may be experiencing symptoms of this serious condition.  For a more comprehensive list of the… Continue reading Curing Your Writing Apathy

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Finding Focus — A Poetic Pick-Me-Up

  Life can be distracting. Like Chuck E. Cheese meets social media meets teenage boys sporting pants-that-are-hanging-on-by-a-penguin-walk-and-a-prayer distracting. Switching gears between home, work, school and family responsibilities sometimes doesn’t seem humanly possible. Our brains aren’t always willing to jump from one project to the next. That’s where our little breaks come in: ten minutes to stare into space, twenty… Continue reading Finding Focus — A Poetic Pick-Me-Up


Would You Call Yourself An Artist?

    During a recent visit, my mother-in-law sat at the kitchen table admiring my six-year-old son's artwork.  "Oh, it's so beau-ti-ful," she said. Then, turning my way, "He's really an artist!" I smiled, and gave my standard reply, "Thanks, but you know he didn't get it from me."  Because, seriously, I can't draw. I also can't paint, sew,… Continue reading Would You Call Yourself An Artist?