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Book-Sloth Saturday, #5

Hello, you kindred lovers of fluffy blankets and sniffers of the printed page! I hope this post finds you neck deep in the couch cushions with your only care being whether it's worth moving your limbs to get up for a glass of water. Because sitting motionless amidst your mountain of books is thirsty work.… Continue reading Book-Sloth Saturday, #5

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Adding a Little More to My Blogging Plate – Some News

Photo by Eneida Nieves on *SQUERSH!* Don’t mind me – just trying to prop my eyelids open for a minute, so I can swoop in to say hello and share a little news. Now that the first few weeks of school are behind me, I'm really starting to feel like I'm two steps away… Continue reading Adding a Little More to My Blogging Plate – Some News


Is Your Story in Need of a Gender Overhaul?

  The first three short stories I published were written for middle-grade magazines with virtually 100% all-girl audiences.  These publications frowned upon even the whisper of male influence in their fiction.   They wanted girl characters.  Girl Humor.  Girl Insights.  Girl Situations.  A lot of girl power going.  Still, I was happy with the way these stories… Continue reading Is Your Story in Need of a Gender Overhaul?


A Muse to Amuse

[picapp align="center" wrap="false" link="term=laughing+clown&iid=255537" src="" width="339" height="480" /]  Recently, I had a conversation with a writer friend that revolved around this question:  Are humor writers considered "true writers" by other writers?  (That sentence is so crowded with writers, let's wait a minute for the smoke and superfluous adjectives to clear...)    Now, I wouldn't call myself a humor writer (can I hear an Amen!… Continue reading A Muse to Amuse