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Building Castles With Threadbare Sheets

    Last week the kids were on Spring Break, so we celebrated by packing our non-existent bags, and setting off for a grand Staycation.   Save for the plague of stomach flu that kicked in for the final few days, we had a great time.  We went out for over-priced-but worth-it-for-the-ambience hamburgers and shakes. We decorated plates, and seahorses,… Continue reading Building Castles With Threadbare Sheets

Get Inspired Mondays, Writing

Finding Focus — A Poetic Pick-Me-Up

  Life can be distracting. Like Chuck E. Cheese meets social media meets teenage boys sporting pants-that-are-hanging-on-by-a-penguin-walk-and-a-prayer distracting. Switching gears between home, work, school and family responsibilities sometimes doesn’t seem humanly possible. Our brains aren’t always willing to jump from one project to the next. That’s where our little breaks come in: ten minutes to stare into space, twenty… Continue reading Finding Focus — A Poetic Pick-Me-Up

Get Inspired Mondays, Writing

Get Inspired Monday: Guest Post by Janice Hardy

Today's post comes to you from fantasy author, Janice Hardy. Please read, get inspired, and then check out her fabulous blog on writing, as well as her books: THE SHIFTER and BLUE FIRE. *********** It’s Everywhere! When Amanda first asked me about writing something for her Get Inspired series, she said she was looking for stories about inspiration… Continue reading Get Inspired Monday: Guest Post by Janice Hardy

Get Inspired Mondays, Writing

Shuffling Internal Playlists, and Never Pressing STOP

The first time I ever heard Matthew Wilder’s song "Break My Stride" was at a birthday party when I was about nine years old. We were at a roller skating rink, and there may or may not have been leg warmers involved. I don’t remember every verse from the song, but the catchy refrain snuck its… Continue reading Shuffling Internal Playlists, and Never Pressing STOP

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It Only Takes One Yes — Guest Post

Get Inspired Mondays — Guest Blogger Series Welcome to the final guest post of the January edition of Get Inspired Monday!  Each week, a different writer has shared their story of finding inspiration -- often from an unexpected source.  To read the previous posts, click here, here, and here.  Today's guest is author and illustrator, Erika Marks. Erika's blog "on writing, publishing and… Continue reading It Only Takes One Yes — Guest Post


Would You Call Yourself An Artist?

    During a recent visit, my mother-in-law sat at the kitchen table admiring my six-year-old son's artwork.  "Oh, it's so beau-ti-ful," she said. Then, turning my way, "He's really an artist!" I smiled, and gave my standard reply, "Thanks, but you know he didn't get it from me."  Because, seriously, I can't draw. I also can't paint, sew,… Continue reading Would You Call Yourself An Artist?