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SUPER Book-Sloth Saturday, #4

Well, hello sloth-like beings! I hope you’re reading this while snuggled up on the couch in your favorite flannel onesie as you (if you’re in the U.S.) scrape that last bit of pumpkin pie off your protruding belly. (Save that good stuff for later!) You may be looking at the title of this post in… Continue reading SUPER Book-Sloth Saturday, #4

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Sorry, Aunt Mabel, but Harry’s already sitting there…

'Tis the the season of elastic waistbands and passive aggressive family meals, so I'm over at Middle Grade Minded today talking about my ideal Thanksgiving dinner guests! (Hint: They are fictional! And some of them have magical powers! And vats of brown sugar! And extremely sharp teeth!) Because there's nothing crazy about breaking bread with… Continue reading Sorry, Aunt Mabel, but Harry’s already sitting there…

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Book-Sloth Saturday(ish), #3

Greetings fellow imbibers of inertia! Welcome back to our weekly round-up of reading lassitude.  Please note that the "(ish)" in today’s Book-Sloth Saturday(ish) title stands for, “Yes, I know it’s not Saturday!" However, the reason this post is late is the direct result of some serious sloth-like reading behavior. Just like a sloth will close… Continue reading Book-Sloth Saturday(ish), #3

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Book-Sloth Saturday, #2

Hello, fellow lazy bums! We're back at it for another Saturday of reading and lying around for so long that plants actually start to grow on our skin. (This is a real sloth thing - look it up.) Since it's now August, all of the teachers out there are currently staring at the calendar while… Continue reading Book-Sloth Saturday, #2

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Thinking Like a Kid (and Like a Sea Monster!) — Guest Post by Author Kate Messner

It's time for another Get Inspired Monday! -- a series created to help you dig into your week and find inspiration in unexpected places. Today's post comes to you from award-winning children's author, Kate Messner. Kate is a class act -- not only because she's a fabulously talented (and prolific) writer, but she's also quick to offer support and encouragement to other… Continue reading Thinking Like a Kid (and Like a Sea Monster!) — Guest Post by Author Kate Messner