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Magic Underwear (Part II), and Aren’t Book Clubs Fabulous?

There's a notion in theater that you shouldn't display a gun in Act I if you're not going to shoot yourself in the a$$ in the Final Act (or something like that).  Following that mindset, I don't want to create a Part I without making good on its other half, so here goes...   My book club met and discussed this month's selection, The New York Regional Mormon… Continue reading Magic Underwear (Part II), and Aren’t Book Clubs Fabulous?

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Magic Underwear…Part I?

Magic me from this book!  Okay, maybe Elna Baker's, The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance, A Memoir, wasn't that bad.  The title was great, but then things quickly fizzled from there -- perhaps, much like this article is about to do. I'm still trying to figure out Baker's book and its intended audience -- we'll see if there's… Continue reading Magic Underwear…Part I?