What a (Writing) Fool Believes

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com Greetings, LIFE WARRIORS...it's been awhile. Our day-to-day as we know it has changed a bit since my last post. Hello, understatement. For me, life has consisted of slogging away in my distance-teaching hidey-hole for the last 9 weeks. And I have the gray pallor and Zoom-induced smile lines to… Continue reading What a (Writing) Fool Believes

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Book-Sloth Saturday, #5

Hello, you kindred lovers of fluffy blankets and sniffers of the printed page! I hope this post finds you neck deep in the couch cushions with your only care being whether it's worth moving your limbs to get up for a glass of water. Because sitting motionless amidst your mountain of books is thirsty work.… Continue reading Book-Sloth Saturday, #5

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Back to the Mountain. Again.

Photo by Pawan Yadav on Pexels.com Though teachers and students across the U.S. have been trickling back to school for the past several weeks, the celebration of Labor Day traditionally signals the final, “That’s all folks!” regarding summer fun. Or any fun. Whatsoever. Did I mention I’m a teacher heading back this week? Now parents,… Continue reading Back to the Mountain. Again.

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There’s No Present Like Time: Summer Hours

This morning I woke up to the imagined MEEP of my alarm clock at the usual preposterous hour of  5:15 am. I stretched, groaned, and then I remembered... Ahhhh...it's summer! There were no lunches to make, or papers to sign. No groggy kids to warn, "The bus is coming. Let's go!" Everyone was sleeping, and I could have been, too. Still, I trudged downstairs, inspired… Continue reading There’s No Present Like Time: Summer Hours

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On the Death of the Bookmark

There's constant discussion flying around regarding the end of the printed book era.  Electronic books, we've been told, are beginning their coup to take over the world the market.  Brick and mortar book sellers are sinking fast, and pushing their own technology by placing overly-friendly (hypnotized?) e-book-lovers right up front as you walk inside. The demise of the printed page is… Continue reading On the Death of the Bookmark