Mind-Wandering Wednesday

Some Semi-Rational Thoughts from the Parent Saying Goodbye

My oldest child is leaving today. Again. This time it's to begin orientation for graduate school about 2.5 hours away. Not bad at all, considering she just returned from a year-long internship in Cairo (the Egypt one). And, prior to that had spent a semester in Tasmania (the Australia one). Which were all supplemental experiences… Continue reading Some Semi-Rational Thoughts from the Parent Saying Goodbye

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Building Castles With Threadbare Sheets

    Last week the kids were on Spring Break, so we celebrated by packing our non-existent bags, and setting off for a grand Staycation.   Save for the plague of stomach flu that kicked in for the final few days, we had a great time.  We went out for over-priced-but worth-it-for-the-ambience hamburgers and shakes. We decorated plates, and seahorses,… Continue reading Building Castles With Threadbare Sheets