The People in My Bloggy Neighborhood

  One of the main reasons I started blogging was to find a venue where I could swap ideas, start conversations, and commiserate with like-minded individuals. And I haven't been disappointed. Some peeps I'd like to mention today: A few fabulous writing friends in my community have no idea about overlooked my fear of chain mail and recently bestowed some bloggy award love… Continue reading The People in My Bloggy Neighborhood

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Insert Sarcasm Here — Miscommunication in the Digital Age

  Sarcasm is a tricky beast. Some find it hilarious, while others deem it humiliating. When done well, it's often indecipherable -- a straight-faced delivery can majorly mess with literal-minded folks that just "don't get it." And this is when you're standing right next to each other. On the phone, you can sometimes catch it: A… Continue reading Insert Sarcasm Here — Miscommunication in the Digital Age


Your Blog’s Accidental Tourists

So, you started a blog. Maybe it's about knitting or parenting. Pop culture or cars. Or, maybe your blog is simply a lesson in dignified randomness. Or smut. Whatever your blog's theme, you probably came to it with shiny-eyed expectations of who your ideal readers would be: an intellectual type, the newbie mom, one who appreciates all… Continue reading Your Blog’s Accidental Tourists

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A *True* “Freshly Pressed” Story

         From humble bloggery beginnings, to the celebrities of the blogging world.     This is a WordPress, True, Freshly Pressed Story -- Amanda's Wrinkled Pages...        Amanda's early days of blogging were dark ones -- filled with struggle, strife and "views" that failed to exceed the single digits.  At one of her lowest moments, Amanda was even prompted to consider bribery in order to… Continue reading A *True* “Freshly Pressed” Story


Blogging Paranoia…(It’s All About Me!)

Before I started amanda's wrinkled pages a few weeks ago, I had never intentionally read or sought out another blog.  Borrowing from that timeless classic of artistic expression, Pretty Woman, I'll say, "Close your mouth, dear."  It's true, and I had no idea what I had been missing.  After awhile, I started surfing around more sure-footedly, and was amazed by how much talent (and crapola) had… Continue reading Blogging Paranoia…(It’s All About Me!)


So, this is a blog?

Hello, World!  The first time I heard someone say the word, "blog," I thought they were about to throw up.  It's such an ugly word -- reminiscent of my son's liberal sound effects most nights at dinner.  I was (and remain) pretty clueless about the whole blogging thing, so please be patient.  The website boasted that I would be ready to go within 5… Continue reading So, this is a blog?