Eight Days Without A Refrigerator (Life At Room Temperature)

We have deemed this season as, "The Summer of our Discontent." No matter my pledge to be present for my kids during these sunny months, life has posed some distractions. In the past four weeks, our basement flooded, the phone line went down, and the air conditioning in my car blew up. There have been scheduling issues, hospital visits, Lego disputes,… Continue reading Eight Days Without A Refrigerator (Life At Room Temperature)

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There’s No Present Like Time: Summer Hours

This morning I woke up to the imagined MEEP of my alarm clock at the usual preposterous hour of  5:15 am. I stretched, groaned, and then I remembered... Ahhhh...it's summer! There were no lunches to make, or papers to sign. No groggy kids to warn, "The bus is coming. Let's go!" Everyone was sleeping, and I could have been, too. Still, I trudged downstairs, inspired… Continue reading There’s No Present Like Time: Summer Hours

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My Eclectic Mess — An Update of Sorts

  Contrary to what this blog may have proven so far, I'm a thinker.  I sit.  I ponder.  Hours go by.  And, by the end of it, someone is usually starving.  I've had a lot of thoughts about items to share -- none of which merit their own post.  So, stick your fingers in your… Continue reading My Eclectic Mess — An Update of Sorts

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On the Death of the Bookmark

There's constant discussion flying around regarding the end of the printed book era.  Electronic books, we've been told, are beginning their coup to take over the world the market.  Brick and mortar book sellers are sinking fast, and pushing their own technology by placing overly-friendly (hypnotized?) e-book-lovers right up front as you walk inside. The demise of the printed page is… Continue reading On the Death of the Bookmark


So, this is a blog?

Hello, World!  The first time I heard someone say the word, "blog," I thought they were about to throw up.  It's such an ugly word -- reminiscent of my son's liberal sound effects most nights at dinner.  I was (and remain) pretty clueless about the whole blogging thing, so please be patient.  The website boasted that I would be ready to go within 5… Continue reading So, this is a blog?