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The Reader’s Heart — It Wants Too Much

The weather is finally starting to warm up (sort of), and I've already been blinded by my first deathly pale, well-fed belly of the season (sadly, true). These two indicators, along with the increased unruliness of school-aged children everywhere, all mean one thing: The final movie of the Harry Potter franchise will soon be in theaters! Oh, and it's also almost summer.… Continue reading The Reader’s Heart — It Wants Too Much


When Reading is Worse Than Scrubbing Toilets

  I had been standing in lucky check-out line #7 at the grocery store for about ten minutes. (Yes, I always choose wrong.)  They were having technical issues with the register, so three strapping, young male clerks battled in heated discussion over the possible fix. When talk turned from technology to techno music (ugh), a grandmotherly manager -- with a hair switch that could keep dozens warm at… Continue reading When Reading is Worse Than Scrubbing Toilets

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Writing Apathy — Recognizing the Signs

    Writing Apathy is a real and serious write-threatening condition. It can swoop down on the unsuspecting with its massive productivity-stealing claws at the first indication of a compromised work ethic. You may have been on a writing schedule consisting of 4,000+ words-a-day, only to suddenly find yourself staring at a blank screen while drool collects at… Continue reading Writing Apathy — Recognizing the Signs

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Are You in a Toxic (Reading) Relationship?

  I'm currently off on a dangerous and secret mission involving time travel, espionage, and peace-talks with dental hygienists. Please enjoy this post from the archives during my absence.   I love my husband. I do. BUT... There is something about him I desperately want to change -- his reading habits. Not only (in my opinion) does he not read enough,… Continue reading Are You in a Toxic (Reading) Relationship?


Books Worth Losing Sleep Over

  Much to my shock and dismay, it's still winter here in the Midwest. Except for a slight reprieve last week, cold weather has continued to pummel my area into the ground with its icy, Super-Bowl-ring-from-a-team-I-can't-think-about laden fist. If you're in Florida, this probably means you need a sweater at night (Pfft -- yes, that's really me giving you… Continue reading Books Worth Losing Sleep Over

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Matching Tattoos With Margaret

Please enjoy this post from the archives (the first one of my blogging days) while  My apologies to the four people who have already read this -- go watch Oprah instead. Let me start from the beginning -- I love Margaret Atwood. Not in the, "Then why don't you marry her?" sense, but very simply, I'm… Continue reading Matching Tattoos With Margaret