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Back to the Mountain. Again.

Photo by Pawan Yadav on Pexels.com Though teachers and students across the U.S. have been trickling back to school for the past several weeks, the celebration of Labor Day traditionally signals the final, “That’s all folks!” regarding summer fun. Or any fun. Whatsoever. Did I mention I’m a teacher heading back this week? Now parents,… Continue reading Back to the Mountain. Again.

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Book-Sloth Saturday(ish), #3

Greetings fellow imbibers of inertia! Welcome back to our weekly round-up of reading lassitude.  Please note that the "(ish)" in today’s Book-Sloth Saturday(ish) title stands for, “Yes, I know it’s not Saturday!" However, the reason this post is late is the direct result of some serious sloth-like reading behavior. Just like a sloth will close… Continue reading Book-Sloth Saturday(ish), #3

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Where a Visit from a Police Officer Demonstrates a Thing or Two About “Presentation”

Photo by Jessica Lewis on Pexels.com Boom Boom Boom The knocking started at 8:30 AM on a muggy-muck Wednesday a couple of weeks ago. Unaccustomed to early-morning visitors (or, any visitors...ever), I half-jogged towards the noise, spying the uniform through the window: navy, crisp, foreboding. My heart rate increased to a hummingbird’s. As I opened… Continue reading Where a Visit from a Police Officer Demonstrates a Thing or Two About “Presentation”

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Book-Sloth Saturday, #2

Hello, fellow lazy bums! We're back at it for another Saturday of reading and lying around for so long that plants actually start to grow on our skin. (This is a real sloth thing - look it up.) Since it's now August, all of the teachers out there are currently staring at the calendar while… Continue reading Book-Sloth Saturday, #2