Amanda’s writing career began in 2nd grade with the limited-edition publication of Around the Mulberry Bush – a book of poetry she wrote and illustrated during a thirty-five-minute math class about a type of foliage she had never actually seen.* It received high praise from both of her parents (“Did you get in trouble for doing this?”), as well as from Mary the Crossing Guard (“Good job, honey…hurry up that station wagon is getting close.”) Amanda’s teacher and renowned poetry critic, Mrs. Walsh, wrote “Nice Poems!” with a smiley face on the cover of the book and also gave Amanda a “C” in math that quarter which stood for Creative.  Amanda has been dreaming, reading and writing ever since.

Amanda’s current 6 word memoir would be:

Midwestern girl displaced in NJ…help!

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*See header image above. Mulberry bushes are actually quite nice! No wonder everyone wants to go around them from dawn to dusk until they drop dead in a heap.