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Sorry, Aunt Mabel, but Harry’s already sitting there…

‘Tis the the season of elastic waistbands and passive aggressive family meals, so I’m over at Middle Grade Minded today talking about my ideal Thanksgiving dinner guests! (Hint: They are fictional! And some of them have magical powers! And vats of brown sugar! And extremely sharp teeth!)

Because there’s nothing crazy about breaking bread with a motley crew of individuals whose existence relies solely on the mind of another writer’s outrageously warped imagination. Am I right?


Anyway, I hope you’ll pop on over to my “table,” and also let me know which characters you would love to have sitting at your next buffet in order to diffuse Uncle Hank’s outbursts about the serious future ramifications of continuing to enable today’s entitled youth.

Though he may have a point there…

Happy eating and reading!

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Thank you!

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