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A Good Reason to Stay Wrapped Up in Your Burrito Blanket

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I know it’s getting chilly. I know it’s getting dark. I know your muscles are starting to atrophy under the weight of your slovenly-introverted ways.

*stares into the silence*

Ok. Just me, then.

Well, no matter your current heart rate, if you’re in the mood for an autumnal readerly or writerly boost all while lounging within the safety of your burrito blanket, I’ve got you covered. Like a burrito blanket.

So, please pop on over to visit me at Middle Grade Minded, where today I’m sharing some fall hashtag/online challenges to help keep your productivity high even when the temperature and your will to…move…are low. Because I care about your brain.

Thank you for checking it out, all! And now please re-commence your languorous repose.


Just me again?


Click on the image above to go to my MGM post. Thank you!

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