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Adding a Little More to My Blogging Plate – Some News

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Don’t mind me – just trying to prop my eyelids open for a minute, so I can swoop in to say hello and share a little news.

Now that the first few weeks of school are behind me, I’m really starting to feel like I’m two steps away from the grave get into a schedule that rocks that ideal balance between work and collapsation. Which of course made it seem like the perfect time to become a contributing writer at another blog.


Sort of.

In any case, today my first post is up at Middle Grade Minded – a great site for all things MG — where I talk about what prompted me to start writing stories for that wonderfully eclectic, quirky, hilarious, deep-feeling, in-betweeny audience of middle grade readers. (SPOILER ALERT: It involves a talking kitchen appliance.)

So, please pop on over to visit me at MGM, and if you’re a teacher, parent, writer or fan of middle grade, I hope you’ll take a lazy moment or two to look around.

Thank you so much, fellow LIFE WARRIORS! And best of luck with your own balancing acts.



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