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Book-Sloth Saturday, #2

Hello, fellow lazy bums! We’re back at it for another Saturday of reading and lying around for so long that plants actually start to grow on our skin. (This is a real sloth thing – look it up.) Since it’s now August, all of the teachers out there are currently staring at the calendar while saying bad words like, “Oh, Faculty Meeting!” and “Holy Blood Pathogen Online Training Session!” My apologies for the language.

This week, my reading time has been way down, which means that my house may be cleaner, but my mood is like that of a flea who is…well, crabby. Trust me – you don’t want to meet an ornery flea. So, let’s shed the crabby and start getting gabby talking books.

Remember, if I finished the book, I liked the book. Here we go:

Books Attempted Books Read
3 1

This Week’s Pick

Stalking Susan, by Julie Kramer (Doubleday, 2008)

For Readers: Publisher’s Weekly gave this a starred review saying, “Kramer’s impressive debut, a thriller, introduces Riley Spartz, a Twin Cities investigative TV journalist with spunk. “

The novel follows Spartz as she tries to prove there’s a pattern between a series of deaths which, over the years, have all occurred on the same deadly date. Plus, all of the victims are named Susan. Strange coincidence, right?

Spartz is a character who is as in your face as any member of the White House press corps, but who also has a vulnerable side, so she’s not unlikable. It’s an interesting storyline, too, though as a thriller it’s a little more subdued than the norm. I wanted to find out what happened, but I didn’t feel the need to race (and potentially miss things) to get there.

For Writers: When studying music, the term staccato refers to notes that are short, choppy and “sharply detached” from the other notes. That’s exactly how the writing in Stalking Susan often felt to me. This may sound negative, however, given that the main character is a reporter whose career revolves around obtaining perfect 10 second sound bites, the use of to-the-point sentence structure and snappy descriptions worked well, placing you right into the newsroom. Read this book when you feel you’re getting a bit too gratuitous with your fluffy adjectives and sprightly adverbs.


Other Books Read This Week: I attempted two others, but they…kind of stunk. No need to recap.

Currently Reading…Where’d You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple (a “black comedy” and soon-to-be-released movie), and The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill (MG Fiction with a magical fairy tale quality). So far, so good…I’ll report back next week.

Happy reading, all – remember to move your body parts from time to time before the algae takes hold!

What have you been reading this week? Any recommendations? If you’re also a teacher, have the missing-student nightmares started up again for you yet? Please share in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Book-Sloth Saturday, #2”

  1. I try not to post negative comments about books…not worth my time or yours! (These were highly publicized reads from highly publicized authors, but…I will not go there.) Thanks for stopping by!



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