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On Writers Never Really Going Away, Even When They Do

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Curse me *ahem* bless me readers, it’s been almost SEVEN YEARS since my last blog post.

Peeks out tentatively from behind folded hands.

You might be thinking to yourself…Why post now? Who cares? What could you possibly have to say that we need to hear? And – She hasn’t aged very well, has she? 

I blame the children.

I may get to all of the, “What in the heck have you been up to?” business in a future post. (I promise it has nothing to do with prison, the Amish, or Matt Damon. Sadly.) But, for now…

As I was considering writing my first blog post in over half a decade, I flitted around the web and found that there had been a lot of changes in the world during my hiatus. (For our purposes, we’re speaking of the changes within my blogging world, not the rest of it, lest I feel the need to retreat to a corner wearing my, “Don’t Judge Me – My Split-Personality is Canadian” t-shirt.) Like me, many of my fellow writers, readers and blogging friends had disappeared years ago, leaving behind broken links, blank twitter feeds, and blogs where the only new posts were unmonitored comments regarding the author’s winnings in the Madagascar Lottery.

Congratulations, BTW!

Some midlisters weren’t able to renew contracts. Some readers had stopped discussing. And, I found that renowned poet and previous blog guest, David Budbill, had passed away. It was a little depressing, honestly, and made me think twice about whether I wanted to show my face at the virtual water cooler again.

That’s not to say it was all writerly doom and gloom while I was away. (And, away is not code for “with an underground perler bead cult,” either.) Another early interview on my blog was with the talented and prolific kidlit writer, Kate Messner. At the time, she had published 5 or 6 books – a great feat for any writer. Now she has over thirty titles in print.

It’s like you’re so happy for her you could just kick her, right?

Love you, Kate!

Other success stories include two of my first blogging friends, YA writer, Jenny Torres Sanchez, as well as women’s fiction writer, Erika Marks. Many more from my writing community days of yore have continued regularly publishing or have blogged without fail for 10 years, or have added new and different projects to their repertoires, or have grown their freelancing careers in ways that actually pay bills from proprietors other than the ones that end in “nuts” or “bucks.”

Just kidding on that last one.

I checked in here and there while I was gone. And, though my writing output was inconsequential, I never really stopped. The “Ideas Folder” continued to get bigger. The Notes app on my phone took up more storage space. Some days, I “wrote” entire chapters in my head as I drove to work. And, I’m sure that others who have disappeared were/are still writing in their own way, and in their own time.

So, for those of us whose inner writers may gotten held up for a year or seven at Ikea, or for those who have been writing but envision far greater goals, or for anyone who wants “to get back into…” whatever it is you have been avoiding like the sad, green tilting-over porta potty at your local Little League baseball field…give it another shot.

Even if we fail, isn’t it better to fail together?

Best. Motivational. Quote. Ever.

Or not.

So, what have YOU been up to for the past 7 years? What goals (writing or otherwise) do you have or avoid? And, have you ever willingly used a porta potty? Please share.

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2 thoughts on “On Writers Never Really Going Away, Even When They Do”

  1. Seven years??? HOW? Anyway, thank you for the link to WU — so kind and in such amazing company. Here’s my 7 years: self published one novel, written three more that I’m querying. I’ve been represented by an agent, lost said agent, gained another agent, lost another agent… went through a slump… and now looking for inspiration and a new project. So I’m joining you in getting back into it — lovely to see you again, Amanda! You’ve always been one of my favorite bloggers!


    1. Wow-Julia! Your accomplishments elicit the similar kick reaction (as mentioned above) in an entirely happy and admiring way! Thank you for reading and your kind comments – we’ll keep each other in check.



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