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Barbara Walters Made Me Write This Blog Post.

Here’s the situation: Barbara Walters recently swooped upon me in the form of a dream. At least, I hope it was a dream, because otherwise I have some serious home security issues to look into.

At first, I was temporarily blinded by the sudden spotlight, and I thought maybe a guardian angel had (finally) come to call. But, when I heard the tell-tale lisping I knew it was “Baba Wawa” — the unholy ball-busting mother of the uncomfortable celebrity interview. An angel, she is not.

Why my subconscious would conjure a woman who I didn’t recognize at first I may never know, but there she was, asking me — no, imploring me — to get back to writing.

Barbara crossed her legs as she let me squirm for an extra beat,”Just one page a day. Or, one blog posshht at a time,” she spat. She leaned forward. Waaaay forward. She stared. I couldn’t believe it was her!

“Of course, I want 10%, and my name on your Acknowledgments Page if you ever make a dime.” I believed.

There’s not much you can do in the presence of such an icon, especially when you’re wiping spittle from your eyes and dodging questions about love letters you may or may not have written to Matt Damon after he appeared in Good Will Hunting. And, when Barbara Walters tells you to do something, by gosh, you do it. Because she’s one frightening witch. (And she would totally take that as a compliment.)

So, here I am.

It’s been over a year since I hit publish on the post about my new job — my beloved job (sigh) at the elementary school library where I was privy to sniffing books, talking books, and interacting with students and teachers all day long. At the end of that post, I promised to blog about how getting a day job was actually helping my writing career.

Ahem. That post was never written. Because I was too busy.

You may think it’s because I was so busy writing, making contacts, doing deals, and eating celebratory Hershey Kisses by the dump truck that I didn’t have time for a little old blog.

(You’re so cutely optimistic — thank you!)

In fact, I wasn’t really doing any of those things. Except for that last part. Kissesyum.

What I was busy doing was working in the library. And, thinking about new things to incorporate in the library.  And, juggling life. And, stress. And, well, lots of things other than writing and submitting my work.

And, now?

I’m in graduate school full-time, and about the only writing I’ve done lately was for an essay about incorporating media literacy into daily lesson plans.

Yeah, I know.

So, for my next trick, I will eat my hat. (And, just to show the seriousness of my commitment, I may also eat Donald Trump’s hair.) It’s been a crazy time. My friend Julia would call it a roller-coaster year, but I will just call it something else silently in my head since I’m turning into a passive aggressive mind-swearer. (If you’re under 18, you should cover your brain.)

It’s been tough, this temporary trading of dreams: the dream of finding my place as a writer vs. finding my place as an educator. I miss writing. I miss blogging. I miss the camaraderie.

So, here I am saying, “Hello, folks.”

Though my output has greatly decreased, my Ideas Folder has grown to the size of the ego cloud which currently hovers over the greater Los Angeles area. I hope to wade through it during my upcoming holiday break, and also finish some requested edits that are covered with dust. And mold. And remnants of Trump’s aforementioned hair.

It’s a compromise right now, choosing between two different things that I love.  Many people/writers manage to do it all, and I hope to discover that magical balance again.

So, special thanks to Babs for her nighttime visit. I’m getting back to work, and will (maybe) see you all again soon.


How about you — have you ever “traded dreams?” What was the outcome? How do you find balance with work/writing/life? And, finally — do you spit when you speak?

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21 thoughts on “Barbara Walters Made Me Write This Blog Post.”

  1. What fun to see you back! You were one of the first blogs I read–then you were gone. Just a few days ago I looked at the little Christmas tree on the piano that has sat there all year long and thought of your post where you noticed perhaps in July??? a Christmas decoration above the kitchen cabinets or some such thing. As I looked, I thought, Amanda’s busy like me, too. Funny–I just thought that recently–and here you are.


  2. I don’t even know where to begin. I guess that’s better than having nothing to say. I think, I’m pretty sure: that this is life. Dreams are for the ones that pursue them. Figure out how to get there. Believe in them, and ask everyone they know for tips on how to rein that one in.

    I have to get better at this: making it happen.

    Either way: SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU.


    What are you in grad school for?


    1. Sorry, I can’t call you Mrs. Pitt — it’s gotta be “Empress.” You’re right — this is life, and we all have to make choices one way or the other at times. I’m in school for a Master of Arts in Teaching (elementary ed), and a Library Information Specialist endorsement. Thanks for the good wishes!


  3. I hope your friend Julia (wait… that’s me…gulp…) also told you that the rollercoaster years are also often the most difficult. I’m sorry it’s hard, but I’m SO GLAD you’re back and writing. I honestly come to your blog about once a month, hoping to see a post — and now there is one!! YAHOO!! And it’s just as good as I remembered. Finally, yes I sadly do spit (sometimes) when I speak, and I also continue to have trouble balancing the writing life — especially during the rollercoaster years. P.S. I love the new blog look. It’s beautiful!!


    1. Oh, yes, I know they are difficult because I don’t especially like roller coasters. 🙂 Thanks for coming back after my repeated disappearances. I almost deleted this entire blog site so many times, but never got around to it. Glad you like the new look…it was time for a change. Thanks!


  4. I’m glad you came back…I wondered what happened to you. I can relate to being too busy for writing..that’s how life is sometimes. At least you are trading one dream for another – that’s a good thing. I’m just earning the paycheck (not my dream) while my writing dream is on hold. One day…


  5. I was just watching Barbara Walters hosting her 10 most fascinating people special on tv. She was interviewing EL James, author of 50 Shades of Grey. Maybe that’s no coincidence. It’s a sign that you should heed Barbara’s advice to get back to writing and you’ll be as wildly successful as EL James. 🙂
    Welcome back!


    1. Wow…that would be something, though my middle grade characters are more into soccer and movies than some other things with those same initials. I’ll take the success though. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement — good to “see” you here, Jackie!


  6. Thanks for the welcome, Nina! And, I’m still not sure about the color scheme, but I definitely needed something new. Already working on next week’s post — your schedule of once a week and no apologies has always been appealing to me. I think you’ve got it right.


  7. Welcome to the good intentions club where brilliant writing is done in that cloud that hovers above our heads. If only we could beam that effort to one another.


  8. I am finally catching up on my blogs and yours is such a treat, my dear! I love the new look and love that you sent out a big hello, too. I, like you, miss the community of blogging so maybe we’ll be seeing more of each other here and there in 2013!!


  9. Dearest Amanda,
    As a fellow educator I am experiencing the same conundrum! But I say to you and myself…FEED YOUR PASSION first…It will give you the drive to accomplish all the other things you have to do in your life!!! Your ART is fuel for your spirit and without your spirit you would die! So we must act accordingly. —SELAH



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