The People in My Bloggy Neighborhood


One of the main reasons I started blogging was to find a venue where I could swap ideas, start conversations, and commiserate with like-minded individuals. And I haven’t been disappointed.

Some peeps I’d like to mention today:

A few fabulous writing friends in my community have no idea about overlooked my fear of chain mail and recently bestowed some bloggy award love upon these digs of mine. Special thanks to writer and editor Julia Monroe Martin at wordsxo, YA fiction writer Corrine O’Flynn, and Jenny Torres Sanchez author of THE DOWNSIDE OF BEING CHARLIE (which will release next year). Please visit any and all of these wonderful ladies.

Another friend in my blogging neighborhood is Ollin Morales from Courage 2 Create. His blog recently won the title of Top Ten Blogs for Writers 2010/2011, which he received within his first year of blogging! And today I’m excited to be a guest blogger at his place with my post, Where Writing Is A Journey Which May Or May Not End Up In A Karaoke Bar. So if you have a moment, please visit and comment over there, and then make sure you look around Courage 2 Create for some added inspiration.

Finally, I thought I would mention a couple of blogs which I don’t think have a big cross-over audience from Amanda’s Wrinkled Pages. If you have kids or like to laugh, check out The Life of Dad by Brian Klems. Also, YA Author Brodi Ashton never fails to entertain with her posts on writing and life. 

There you have it — a few people in my bloggy neighborhood. They’re the people that I meet each day.

In a non-stalker, virtual way.

And, who can resist…(hint: Bob from Sesame Street)


See you next week!

20 thoughts on “The People in My Bloggy Neighborhood”

  1. Amanda! Thank you so much for the shout-out, a very nice surprise when I got here today (so sweet!)! Truly honored and flattered because yours is one of my favorite go-to blogs! Loved your blog over at Ollin’s blog today, by the way. (p.s. Also honored by the association with the awesome neighbors of Sesame Street. I LOVE those guys, especially Grover!)


  2. Thanks for the mention, Amanda! So glad be part of the neighborhood:). Of course, now I’m wondering who’s who. I’m part Oscar The Grouch and part Ernie…which I guess is pretty scary, and uh, maybe bi-polar?


  3. Hi Amanda, thanks for the shout out!! I am very sorry to tap into your chain mail phobia, but that might be a matter of perspective. See, it was a chain award! Nothing but goodness and love for you. 😉

    Happy to be a part of your neighborhood. 🙂


    1. No doubt about the support and information-swapping, Medeia. I also enjoy getting my book recommendations fix over at your place. Can’t wait until your book comes out this summer!


  4. Thanks for the mention Amanda, I am so happy to have people like you in my blogging neighborhood, so I can call over and share you with my friends. It was a pleasure having you over!


  5. You handled that nicely! I don’t display the awards (not that I’ve had many) because I don’t want to do one of those posts giving them out, which would break the “rules.” Not that I don’t love other blogs—but I feel I show that by RTing and showing up to comment. Since I only post once a week I can’t bear to do one where I give out awards. I’m cooky like that.


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