What is Your “Something Exciting?”


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Man, am I boring!

This is the thought that pummeled the back side of my head one cold, wet morning last week while driving the kids to practices and appointments. It was a day off of school, and none of us were thrilled about having to venture out when our time might be better spent with footie pajamas and a stack o’ books.

I was saying as much to my tired-eyed crew (“warm, couch, books”) when my daughter interrupted my toasty reverie.

“No. Not today. Today I would want to do something exciting.”

I thought of cozy blankets and hot tea. Hmmm… that wasn’t exciting?

“Exciting, like what?” I asked. “Because, you know, our ideas of exciting might be different.”

She gave me the “that’s obvious” eye-roll. “I don’t know, maybe go get lost in a jungle or something.”


Getting lost in a jungle is exciting?

I thought of my beloved GPS, and how I cross-check routes before going anywhere new. I thought of how extreme humidity and prehistoric-sized bugs leave me whimpering. I thought of how my heart starts pounding and my stomach starts churning when I have no idea where I am.

Exciting? Maybe without the “lost” part, plus a tour guide and a nice hotel room waiting for me at the end of the leaf-covered trail. Oh, and chocolate on my pillow would be nice, too.

“But, honey,” I argued, “the snakes, and the vines, and,” I shuddered, “the sweat!”

A fan of loin-cloths and Tarzan, I am not.

She gave a little smile, and dismissed me with a sweet pat on my arm. I’m certain she began daydreaming about her malaria-infested adventure at that moment.

I have to admit I found her idea interesting. In her seemingly invincible state — a condition which  befalls many a teenager, and often precedes conversations that begin with, “What were you thinking?!” — there was no fear of danger or consequence, only the joy of the challenge.

We all have our own thrill-seeking limits and thresholds of courage. Personality, age, and life circumstances (a.k.a. the “triple dog dare”) all play a part in our tendencies to play chicken. Or not.

For me, just the thought of getting a normal amount of sleep excites me to the point of delirium. I’m also happy to live vicariously through the adventures I create or read about in books.

However, if pressed, I would say that throwing a dart on a map, jumping in my car, and taking a road trip across the country with nary a reservation in sight would be my kinder, gentler version of getting stranded in a rain forest. Oh, and hang-gliding. Someday.

So, how about you? Since I’m currently writing a story about such exhilerated excitement-seekers, I would love to know: What is your dream adventure, quest, or one-time thrill? I’m not talking occupations, goals, lottery-winnings, or life-swaps here — just a single exciting (somewhat realistic) scenario that would get your heart pumping (in a good way)?

And here’s the safety net — You are guaranteed to return home safe and unharmed.

What is your “something exciting?”


Special thanks to fabulous writer and blogger Clay Morgan, whose post, Who would you be if you couldn’t be you?, led me to think of my “exciting” conversation in a different light.

Update: In an effort to finish up some projects over the next month or so, my blogging may be a bit sporadic. I will try to post once a week — thank you for your patience!

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39 thoughts on “What is Your “Something Exciting?””

  1. Oh, how the concept of excitement changes as you age, though I admit I often need some lowering to the ground, the older I get. I’m with Rebecca–travel, travel, travel! Having been fortunate to have the opportunity to live in a lot of places and dance on lots of tables (as my friend puts it!) I still find the thrill in the unknown. Routine can be a comfort, and a necessity, especially for kids, I think–but I crave the mixing-up!


    1. I would love to see you dancing on tables, Erika 😉 I know what you mean about routine. My list would be much different if I didn’t have kids. There are some things I think would be exciting to try, but I wouldn’t want to risk it when I still want to be around for them — and in one piece.


  2. Great post Amanda. For me, I don’t feel limited by desire or willingness. I am going after the great adventures of life I hope to achieve. The limitation I do feel is that of time or resources. So if I could put a twist on your question, I would love to have the time to travel the world, I mean really see it all. I’d go to many countries on every continent. That would be marvelous! Thanks for mentioning my article.


    1. You’re right, Clay. Time and money are key to many of my daydreams. I hope that someday when my kids are older and my time frees up a little, the desire and ability to follow excitement will still be there.


    1. That’s sounds great to me, too, Wendy. Though I must admit I’ve passed on a couple of opportunities, because I wasn’t ready to be away from the kids for that long yet. Remember, too, that I’m a self-proclaimed aspiring hermit. 🙂


  3. Your idea of “exciting” sounds perfect for me. Thrilling, even.

    Getting lost in a jungle?

    Not so much. Unless it’s Upton Sinclair, and maybe even not then because nowadays I don’t have much energy for intense literature.

    I do, however, like a nap.

    I know. Living on the edge. (ooooh sounds dangerous.)


  4. I want to ride in a helicopter. Oh, who am I kidding? I want to fly the thing. And WITHOUT a drop of airsickness, please, which is the real obstacle to that little adventure.

    Great post!


  5. I’m with you, a cross country road driving road trip — maybe with no particular destination, maybe even in an RV — sounds fabulous! Also, since there are no limits, I’d love to be on the Amazing Race! And win! (you said no limits 🙂


  6. I’d like to stay on the couch with the book, please. Since it’s springtime, I could venture out to the backyard. It’s not much of a jungle, but I think it could qualify. On the other hand, I’ve got kids, so the entire house is a jungle, right?


    1. You’re my kind of girl, V.V.!

      Although, my backyard actually is a jungle right now because of all the rain and my tolerance of weeds. Maybe I’m more exciting than I thought.


  7. I want to go rock climbing, mountain biking, and I would LOVE to hike through Africa. I’m too afraid to do any of them, though, so it’s a good thing I have too many responsibilities on the farm to leave. 🙂


  8. I’d love to RV around North America and while I’m doing it go to the Albequerque Hot Air Balloon Festival and actually ride in one of them.


  9. I’m not an excitement sort of gal either, but I’m intrigued by zip-lining through the jungles of Costa Rica. I’ve heard the beaches are nice. AND…there’s a Four Seasons. 🙂 But if that doesn’t work out, sitting by a pool reading a book sounds lovely. And I hope – when my child gets older – that one day, that will become a reality for me as well.


  10. “I’m also happy to live vicariously through the adventures I create or read about in books.” I love the vicarious adventure. Right now I find that I’m reading faster with the kindle so what was a page turner, is now a click-click-click. Love that ride.
    My article “Serendipity, coincidences or life’s small miracles” from last fall, tells about my excitement in running into people in unexpected places. And then back in January, “Vous avez des postes auhourd’hui” tells about the thrill of getting mail. Thanks for asking.


  11. I’m with Erika on the concept of excitment changing as you age. A few girlfriends in New York would be exciting enough for me – either that or a rainy day in bed with a good book!


  12. I think I’d like to follow my favorite bands on tour and capture some great, raw, on the road, behind the scenes kind of photos that I could turn into a collection of some kind. Of course, this would only work if I could stand to be away from my family, were a better photographer, and my favorite bands still toured…so, yeah, not likely. But, hey, this was so much fun to imagine!


  13. Excellent. I’m not a thrill seeker in the sense of bungie jumping or the likes. I’m failry predictable and safe, however I do like to get out in nature and explore…so I guess I do get a little dirty sometimes. The older I get the tamer I become.



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