Yesterday’s Headlines (Look, Ma, I’m wearing a Dress!)

Many thanks to all who took the time to read or share their comments on Rebecca Rasmussen’s wonderful post, Semper Fi (In Other Words: Have Some Heart, Rebecca).   If you haven’t read it, yet, you should definitely take a peek.  Whatever your goals (writing or otherwise) you’ll walk away feeling inspired.

While Rebecca was visiting my place yesterday, I was off at The Red Dress Club talking about elements like “misplaced plots” and “painful dialogue” in Keeping Your Writing Real…Not Really Boring.

The Red Dress Club is a virtual writer’s society, and “was created as a place for writers to gather, exchange ideas and learn something about the art of storytelling.”  Not only a community, The Red Dress hosts a weekly writing prompt and link-up — if you’re strapped for ideas, this is the place to go!  So, if you have some time today, feel free to pop over, read my post, and then take a look around.   

That’s the news for today, or actually, yesterday.  Thank you again for all of your support — wishing you a happy and productive week ahead!

19 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Headlines (Look, Ma, I’m wearing a Dress!)”

  1. Just read your post at The Red Dress Club and commented. As time goes by, I discover that this blogging this is so much more than posts. It’s a real community of people who support each other, challenge each other, and have gratitude for each other.


  2. Oh my gosh, but you are so clever with the titles!!

    Look ma, I got Alexandra to jump over here with the lure of a photo.

    You little rascal, you.

    Read your post at red dress club, and loved it, agreed with it, and got scared by it.

    So, I gotta be really really good to write a book, huh?


    On to the next life goal.



  3. I would so love to be able to write fiction, and I agree with all you say in your post over at the Red Dress. I know what I love to read, and I hate it when words get in the way of what I’m reading, but I don’t know that I could ever write like that. You do, and I’m just plain in awe.
    Sunshine xx


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