Well, Hello There, Monday. Prepare to be Dominated!

Indiana Jones via Google images

Another weekend has ended. Bleary-eyed and fog-laden you creep downstairs to confront the day. You’re not ready. You’ll never be ready. You curse the day’s very existence. Often, Monday ends up being about as pointless as Jerry Springer’s, Final Thoughts. True productivity doesn’t kick in until sometime around Wednesday afternoon.

And, life is even busier right now:  Holiday gatherings have begun. Shopping is in full frenzy. End-of-year projects are ticking like time-bombs.

You are in falala fruit-cake hell.

But, I, for one, am not going to let it beat me. This week I won’t slink, sulk, or complain.  After a few days of lying around in pajamas, and watching the Harry Potter Marathon NaNoWriMo detox, it’s time for me to get back on track.

Are you with me? Yes? Then, get out your whips and chains, grab Monday by the throat, and repeat after me:

I  will not make any Mondays-can-bite-me comments today. Negativity feeds negativity.  (Just like your habit of eating Twinkies feeds your muffin top.)

I will get organized for the week, but won’t spend my entire day making lists. Because, that tactic is really all about trying to look busy. Isn’t it? Well, isn’t it?

I will completely finish three items on my list today. No wimpy half check-marks. Half check marks are like getting half-dressed — you’re not ready to go. (Unless you’re living in L.A.)

I will get off the internet. I will get off the internet. I will get off the internet. I will get off the (oooh…free shipping, and is that a new Bieber video?)

I will spend at least five minutes out in the sunlight. Even if that sunlight is hidden behind ominous clouds and a wind-chill that will freeze eyelids open.

I will eat at least one piece of fruit that doesn’t come out of a can. Without whip cream.

(For Writers) I will make realistic, but challenging daily word count goals, and will not be released from BIC (butt-in-chair) mode until I make them.

I will smile and nod encouragingly at the person who cuts me off at the busy intersection. You know – the one who almost caused an eight car accident involving a packed school bus. (Okay, forget this one, I already blew it.)

I will give myself a pat on the back, a hot toddy, fifteen minutes of reading time, or whatever reward I deserve for persevering. I will not spend all of my money on hard cover books, or at the Clinique counter and deem it “therapy.”

And, if I failed at any (or all) of the above, I’ll get an extra half-hour of sleep tonight, blast myself with cold water in the morning, and start again.

Together, we will dominate Monday’s!

And, by we, I mean you.

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44 thoughts on “Well, Hello There, Monday. Prepare to be Dominated!”

  1. “I will give myself a pat on the back, a hot toddy, fifteen minutes of reading time…”

    I totally had a Freudian slip when I read this, mentally inserting the word “every” between “hot toddy” and “fifteen minutes.” Blocked out the rest of the sentence completely…yikes!



      1. The weird part is that I don’t even drink more than two glasses of wine on the rare occasions that I do imbibe…

        Safe on the driving part…I don’t have my license!



  2. Our posts are quite alike today. Great minds. And getting out into the sunlight is actually on my list of things to do today. It’s a subset of “rake leaves,” but it’s on there.


  3. LOL, and great list. The ‘getting three things done’ is a good one to remember when things get too crazy, and getting some sunlight is something I have to remind myself to do all the time. But sounds like NaNoWriMo was a success??


    1. Yes, NaNo was a success (in the fact that I finished), thank you. I’ll have to do a wrap-up for those who are interested.

      Yes, get outside…and at your new home, you’ll be able to do that more often, right?


  4. Ha! Sunlight…that’s crazy. I haven’t seen the light of day all weekend.

    So, this morning I’ve scanned my twitter feed, decluttered my desk, organized my books, tracked down books I know I have but can’t seem to find, and watched Junot Diaz’s youtube discussion at the Smithsonian (okay, so this isn’t writing, but it is excusable since it’s Junot Diaz).

    All these things trick me into thinking I’m working…but now I see the light (ugh, and it’s so bright). Okay, BIC. Monday, here I come!


    1. I’m really good at tricking myself into thinking I’ve done a lot, too. And, I have — it’s just not always the things on my list. Hope you got back to work yesterday, Jenny. Happy writing~


  5. I went to the dentist this morning. Can I be done now? 🙂

    All right, I promise I will write 2,000 words on my novel today. That is totally doable for me. I just have to get off Twitter, Facebook, and the blogosphere to do it.



  6. But wait…isn’t getting ON the internet what makes Monday’s bearable?

    (I too watched the Harry Potter marathon. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday.)

    It’s 7:00 PM. Just five hours to go before you beat this thing…


  7. Together we will dominate Mondays!

    Wow. What a thought. Though I must admit, I “lost” my Monday to lethargy and procrastination. 😦 Since Australia is one of the first countries that sees a sunrise, I am late on reading this post. Nevertheless, I can save it for up and coming Mondays of my life. Thanks for this share!



  8. ALMOST! I can’t write because it’s not a good thing to tempt myself with while I try to study (“if you study hard, you can write more!”). I was definitely out more than 5 minutes (“in the sun”–HA, Seattle…)! I mean, if in a car counts…………………………..


  9. Does dominating Monday mean spreading eight bags of mulch and cutting back the Oleanders? Life in south Florida means garden chores year ’round but it’s sun paradise, so I got a good dose, knocking that off your upbeat spurring-me-on list without even trying. Also made a peanut butter/fudge cream pie for a holiday fundraiser and must admit that I couldn’t resist sampling some whipped cream in the process. Does that setback cancel out my sun gain?


  10. How did you know about my Twinkie habit? And why don’t my pants fit?

    Honestly, I think these monday things would be easier if I got to bring a whip to work.


  11. Any things not accomplished during the day can be offset by an extra-thorough teeth-flossing in the evening! (Good to end the day on a high note!)

    On the fruit front: I got one of those gadgets that cores and slices the apple at once. It makes eating non-canned fruit delightful!


  12. sweet! but, if I got off the internet…I wouldn’t have read this!
    (I’m all for the hot toddy…)


  13. Well, it’s Monday again, and my kids have all of their teacher gifts in their backpacks ready to go tomorrow (early for me) so I’m feeling good. The bad thing is, while I think I’m so ahead of the game, realistically I’m probably just catching up. On to Tuesday!



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