Early Morning Thoughts on Black Friday


Ahhh…Thanksgiving was lovely.

Thank goodness for elastic waistbands.

ACK! Less than a month until Christmas!

Ugh…wine headache.

I wonder if I should start making my holiday gift list?  (Curses on all those people who are done shopping.  Curses, I say!)

Must finish NaNoWriMo...or,

maybe I’ll start re-reading the Harry Potter books, instead.

So glad we have some leftover Thanksgiving dessert.

Is it wrong to eat a brownie at 7:15 am? 

The calories don’t stick if nobody’s watching.

Does a movie with Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez really count as an ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas…extravaganza???  You’re reaching, ABC.  You’re reaching.

Oops…tell-tale crumbs on couch.  Should dispose of evidence before the kids wake up.

Why didn’t I schedule my cholesterol check for last week?!

Forgot to take Christmas card picture yesterday…oh, the horror of putting on outfits and posing!  Maybe I can cut and paste school pictures, and draw Santa hats on top?

Christmas cards are overrated.

Great day to clean up, organize, start decorating, and get a jump on this holiday business.  Feeling energized now!

This pillow is sooooo soft.

Giggling at “news” reports of half-crazed Black Friday shoppers.  You may be saving thousands of dollars, people, but I’m still in my pajamas covered in brownie debris.  Who’s the winner?  I thought so.

Thank goodness for elastic waistbands.

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36 thoughts on “Early Morning Thoughts on Black Friday”

  1. Sounds like you have the right idea… it’s also the approach I have to the Boxing Day sales over here.
    Enjoy the rest of your day. xx


  2. Brownies have eggs, right? And flour is a grain. And milk. That’s more dairy.

    My friend says pumpkin pie has eggs and a veggie, so it’s like quiche.

    Have a lovely Stay-In-The-Black Friday!


    1. Hi Jill — I have a lot of friends who love Black Friday, and also consider it as some nice family bonding time. I hate shopping any time of year, so the crowds alone would do me in. Glad you enjoyed it~


  3. Oh Amanda…I’m with you on this, dear. The last thing I want to do when I’m snuggly into my wine and cranberry-salsa coma is to imagine having to suit up to get into a car and fend off shoppers on no sleep…no. thank. you.


  4. I decided I needed a healthy breakfast before I started on the leftovers. Do Chocolate Cheerios count? They’re made from oat bran and can lower cholesterol. So would that cancel out the chocolate pie, the apple pie, the jello salad . . .

    Didn’t the pilgrims invent elastic?


  5. I hope there’s nothing wrong with Thanksgiving dessert for breakfast…because this is the third day in a row I’ve had pumpkin pie with my morning tea. (That’s right. I admit it. The THIRD day. Which means I served it for breakfast before the actual Thanksgiving meal. If I planned it that way it’s okay, right?)


    1. Wow…I applaud and bow to your foresight and genius! We could all learn from that. I hope tomorrow makes morning number #4…enjoy!

      Thanks for stopping by~


  6. I started and ended the day with pumpkin pie. It’s NEVER too early for dessert. Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez should be banned from holiday television. And maybe from television altogether.

    Here’s to being a crumb-covered winner! Let’s attack holiday madness from the couch.


  7. Oh, I’m with you. Though not so much on the brownies; as a savory type of gal, I was eating a plate of mashed potato casserole, stuffing, and turkey (with plenty of gravy) probably about the time the earliest shoppers on Black Friday were calling it a “day”. Stores opening at 3am…what? Online shopping is here, people.


    1. I know — I still don’t understand it. And, a lot of these same deals (and better) are available online, or in stores closer to Christmas. I guess it’s peace of mind of having items in hand, but still…


  8. HA!!! What a great list! So glad to find your blog. See- TWITTER works!! 🙂 Thank to you Lydia for the match. 😉 The ABC family one is my favorite. I’m rewatching all the Gilmore Girl eps for the millionth time because nothing new on TV is as good (IMO). Anyway, I see those ABC 25-days commercials constantly. You couldn’t have worded it better. It’s been downhill since Beauty and the Beast.


  9. Me too, me too! I sat around on Black Friday too and I didn’t even think about shopping, except when I read all the insane people’s Facebook status reports. Ugh! Mmmm…brownies.



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