18 thoughts on “Thinking About Ghostwriting? Author Interview: Kelly James-Enger”

  1. A great interview, Amanda and Kelly–thank you for sharing these thoughts. I’ve always been very interested in the world of ghostwriting and wondered how people get their start and build their careers.


  2. I used to ghostwrite letters for a few of my employers. It is fascinating work to take someone else’s ideas and polish or restate them in a way consistent with their writing style rather than your own. I don’t have the experience of having a work of my own published, so I wouldn’t qualify for ghostwriting a novel, but I can see how it would be lucrative. People with a platform have publishers waiting in line and some of them need help putting their thoughts together in written form. Thank you for sharing…


  3. This post was really helpful, Amanda. A professor approached me once and asked me to help him ghost-write a book. We had meeting after meeting, and I could never really get him to pin down his central themes. It was frustrating, so I gave up. I’ll have to check out Kelly’s book so that I’ll know how to handle that situation if it pops up again.


  4. A great “other” point of view, Amanda! It is hard enough to be able to write in one’s own voice. To be able to do so in multiple voices, belonging to different people? Wow, I’m sure it takes no small amount of talent!


  5. Great interview, Amanda and Kelly! I’m sure a lot of writers haven’t thought of ghostwriting, but it sounds like a very interesting field. I’ll be you never get bored, because the projects and the people behind them can be so different.


  6. As a beginning ghostwriter, I found this very useful; information on the subject is hard to come by, so I immediately clicked over to Amazon and bought your book. Thanks.



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