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A *True* “Freshly Pressed” Story


From humble bloggery beginnings, to the celebrities of the blogging world  

This is a WordPress, True, Freshly Pressed Story — Amanda’s Wrinkled Pages…       

Amanda’s early days of blogging were dark ones — filled with struggle, strife and “views” that failed to exceed the single digits.  At one of her lowest moments, Amanda was even prompted to consider bribery in order to get others to read her blog.  Finally, at rock-bottom and ready to “permanently delete,” she received a comment from someone other than her sister.  This was just the boost she needed.    

Amanda wrote, commented, replied and commiserated with new-found fervor — putting herself out there to answer the really big questions, like whether Anne of Green Gables could whoop Laura Ingalls Wilder in the ring, or what writers were really thinking.  And, her audience responded.  

Spotlight Award

Amanda’s first brush with glory came by way of the Spotlight Award from Australian author, Lisa Reece-Lane, of Milkfever.  Although, there was no cash prize involved, receiving the award made Amanda happy — much like the pink and yellow “Happy Grams” she had collected from her First Grade teacher.  “Amanda’s Wrinkled Pages” was now going places.  But, no one knew exactly where…  

The morning of August 2nd, 2010 dawned like any other.  Waking early, Amanda decided to spend a few minutes fixing up her latest blog post.  She found a typo, and pressed “update.”  She found another mistake, and pressed “update” again.  She continued this process approximately 128 more times.  Finally, she said, “WTH,” and pressed the all-powerful Publish button.  At 7:52am, her story was broadcast across Blogosphere.    

Eight minutes later,  Amanda checked her stats page, and saw that she had four “views.”  She sighed in defeat.  Yet, as she went to log out, she noticed there was a new comment…and then another, and another.  She refreshed her stats page, and discovered she had suddenly scored 120 views in less than one minute!  At first, she suspected foul play or alien invasion.  But, then, instinct kicked in.    

With pounding heart, she clicked over to the home page, and her suspicions were confirmed…she had been “Freshly Pressed!”  Amanda immediately called her husband to share the news that Applying Scrabble Strategy to Life (or, a Time to Gloat) had been chosen as one of eleven featured posts for the day.  He congratulated her, asking what the post was about, “Beating your #%* at Scrabble,” she said, before quickly hanging up.  She would deal with the aftermath later.      

Amanda found the phenomenon of being “Pressed” a little like winning the blogger lottery.  It was also a lot like being pushed onto a stage in front of a crowded stadium of 300,000+ spectators while only wearing her underwear — intimidating, and slightly chilly.  Could she handle the pressure?  Probably not.     

Still, Amanda watched with awe as her stats soared, even letting out a hearty “Woot! Woot!” while out in public when she hit the “1,000 views” mark.  (Her teenager is now in counseling over the incident.)  The spam, too, delighted her — each virus-ridden, woman-bashing, idiocy-laden comment put a smile on her face.  There were also kind, legitimate comments, and new subscribers (a few of which aren’t even related to her).   And, through her journey, she also came to follow some great blogs like Worst Professor Ever, Pajama Days, and Perpetually Peeved.*    

The high continued, when Amanda received the Versatile Blogger Award from fellow blogger, 36X37.  (“Versatile,” most likely refers to Amanda’s rare ability to pull-off wearing colors for both summer and autumn skin tones.)       

But, the accolades, the success, the dreams were not meant to last.  By 8:00am the next morning, Amanda’s post had been replaced.  Over a period of twenty-four hours, her blog had been plucked from the blogging dregs, raised to the height of bloggy-ecstasy, and drop-kicked into the shadowy, stench-ridden trenches once again.       

Would “Amanda’s Wrinkled Pages” ever again achieve such greatness?  Um, no.  But, the memory of Amanda’s Scrabble post would live on (in her mind only) forever.  And, her sister the world would keep reading to find out what happened next.     


(The “rules” of these awards state that I must pass along the glory to others, which I’m happy to do.  Please consider paying these blogs (and my award distributors) a visit… I’ll add more soon.  Many thanks to WordPress, 36X37 and Milkfever!  Please also check out my blogroll for other great sites.)  


37 thoughts on “A *True* “Freshly Pressed” Story”

  1. I will always be around to relive the glory days with you:)! I don’t think I will forget the Scrabble post, it was a really good one!


  2. Yeah, I can relate to this, it is a bit like winning the blogger lottery. Totally took me by surprise as well. It is a great experience and I have enjoyed it. Somehow I’ve managed to be on the front page for 3 days. I’m sure it will end soon and I’ll be back to obscurity but doesn’t it feel nice to be amongst the few, the proud, the freshly pressed…


      1. Shocking really, I was sitting here minding my own business when I suddenly had 50 comments to approve 🙂


  3. Amanda – your blog is GREAT! I just need to find the time to read it more often 🙂
    I think your writing is talented and I can picture you saying your words with your great smile and sense of humor!
    Keep ’em coming!


  4. Dude, take a screen shot of your stats graph, print that sucker out, frame it, and hang it right next to your blogging space. I know they say lightning never strikes the same place twice, but they also say that once a person has been struck once, they are more likely to be struck again!!! Stay on the sunny side, and congrats again!


    1. Um, yeah, the graphic — that’s the result of my daughter not being around to help me. It’s pretty sad, but I couldn’t work on it for one more second. Thanks, and, you’re welcome~


  5. Soooooooo very proud of you, angel. Can’t think of anyone who deserved to be more FP’d than you.
    X Lisa
    ps. Really 1000 visits? I just can’t get my head around that number. Well done.


  6. Congrats on making it to the Freshly Pressed and your awards Amanda.
    Just something to keep in mind: I am a dedicated reader of your lovely blog and enjoy your each & every post! 🙂


  7. Congrats!!! Your award is well-deserved 🙂 I remember what a struggle it was to start my own blog. I had countless other blogs before which I closed down.


    1. Thank you, June! The hardest part is finding the time. But, since I haven’t set up any high expectations here 😉 I can kind of appear and disappear as necessary.


  8. Thank you so much for the recognition. I feel kind of famous now. 😉 Sorry, I’m not a subscriber, but I “follow” your blog and am a faithful reader as well. I just don’t like to clog my email box. I would SO be framing that stats screen shot! 😉


  9. Congrats again on your Freshly Pressed! It sounded so much like my own Freshly Pressed moment–coming so close to not publishing, then biting the bullet and receiving such an enexpected gift from the universe. Here’s to hoping you see Freshly Pressed again and again.


  10. Congratulations to being freshly pressed and for your awards! It must have been really really exciting. Needless to say, your blog entries are witty and worth the read. 🙂


  11. congrats for making it to the Freshly Pressed! 🙂 I never made it… now forget those stats (I turned them off from my blog, even if sometimes I go and check them) and keep blogging! 😉


  12. You deserved it! That was a killer post, for sure. Although I really love all your posts ^_^. I can completely understand the high – I know I’d feel the same way if it happened! No matter what writers say, even if we write for ourselves and because it’s a drive and we need to do it, there’s much to be said about getting outside support to. It gives us hope.



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