Blogging Paranoia…(It’s All About Me!)

Before I started amanda’s wrinkled pages a few weeks ago, I had never intentionally read or sought out another blog.  Borrowing from that timeless classic of artistic expression, Pretty Woman, I’ll say, “Close your mouth, dear.”  It’s true, and I had no idea what I had been missing. 

After awhile, I started surfing around more sure-footedly, and was amazed by how much talent (and crapola) had been floating around the blogosphere all of this time.  I left a few comments here and there, followed links to other blogs of interest, and found a few favorites.  And, then, something really freaky started happening — everyone seemed to be blogging about…me!

Each comment I submitted appeared to be directly linked to what that author would blog about next: I was excited about a particular post, so (uncharacteristically) left a couple of exclamation points and a smiley face to illustrate this.  (In fact, I’m doing this more and more often now — someone stop me, please :)! ).  The next day this same writer did a post on something like “Too Many Exclamation Points are Making You Sound a Little Crazy.”  Coincidence?  Here’s another example: After a rough night’s sleep, I found I was leaving comments with careless spelling and grammatical errors.  Wouldn’t you know, “Watching Grammar and Spelling in your Writing no Matter How Informal the Venue, Idiot” soon appeared. 

Not just with comments, the cloning phenomenon was linked to my own posts, as well.  There was one where I thought I may have gotten too wordy, and I think a reader agreed.  Her post on how annoying she finds it when “Writers Over-Explain” themselves sounded somewhat familiar.  Hmmm…

I even witnessed a moment of “psychic blogging.”  Hours before publishing what surely would have been the post of my life (“I Have Business Cards, Therefore I am”), a blog that I have a particular fondness for posted about her new business cards (which are much, much cooler than mine, by the way). 

Paranoia was setting in — all of the posts on writing, books, the Freshly Pressed story on “Politicians and Prostitution” (wait…never mind about that one) seemed to be linked to me in some way.  Or, were they?

The truth is, we all know that good ideas are a dime a dozen, so a blogger (and a writer/blogger in particular) just has to roll with it.  You are most likely not a genius with a ground-breaking blog post.  No, you’re not.  No. You’re.  Not. 

It’ s hard to accept, I know.  When you see other blogs with topics, themes and entire posts that are similar (if not identical) to your own, it can affect the way you view your own creativity, and hey, can’t be much help to the old self-esteem.  But, don’t let it get to you.  Aside from praying you have different readers, celebrate the fact that you have an idea that is interesting to someone other than yourself.  It’s all about presentation, baby.  Readers never tire of a good story-line, whether it’s the first or fortieth version they’ve heard.

And, if you’re being openly chastised?  Adjust the blinders, and feel good about being someone else’s muse for the day. 

Happy blogging!

20 thoughts on “Blogging Paranoia…(It’s All About Me!)”

  1. Sometimes, it can be a weird kind of synchronicity but I’d not get paranoid if I were you 🙂
    The good bloggers get inspired by others. For example, I posted a blog that was inspired by what someone else had written because the subject was similar and it got me thinking about my own predicament in regards to that subject. Obviously, I am talking about Writers Blogs, if we are all writing, we will all have similar ideas/things happen to us 🙂
    P.S I love happy faces 🙂 AND exclamations signs!


  2. Haha, I think lots of people are just on the same thought wave these days, which is pretty cool if you ask me 🙂 There’s no such thing as an original thought, really. All we can do is write our thoughts and enjoy the process of blogging.


  3. Had no idea you were a newbie too–very cool!

    In my short tenure as a blogger, I’ve found this too. This trend of similar blogs always seemed like a good thing when I was searching out a subject (oh boy–look at all the blogs about ____ today!) but now that I’m writing one and see my post is not nearly as original as I’d thought….Hmm.


  4. Great post! I read some of your other posts too and you have a great way of telling a story. Those blogging post incidents are crazy! I haven’t had that happen…yet, but I’m sure many bloggers are like me and tend to blog about whatever is on their mind – like a comment you may have just posted!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and have a great week! 🙂


    1. Thanks, Runner Sami~ Lucky, that you haven’t experienced this problem, yet. When I’m writing, I’m always thinking, “Wait! Did I just read that somewhere?”


  5. Amanda, been there done that (and still questioning my creativity)! 🙂 (ops!)
    When I first started blogging 6 months ago I had absolutely no idea about blogging, I didn’t even follow any blogs… So after I discovered some really cool bloggers, I began feeling like ‘I’ was stealing their stuff! I sit down with this what I believed to be a ‘cool, original blog post idea’ and write it down with pride only to discover someone has already written about it (and wrote it far better than I ever could, if I may add) a week ago! 🙂 (again- I’m sorry about the smiley faces, I can’t help myself!)
    Then when I was about to turn myself to the proper authorities (the might Gods of blogging- they sit on the clouds and read every word we write on our blogs) I realized what you realized- there are only so many ‘cool’ ideas and far too many cool bloggers so the chances are my cool ideas are already out there in the blogosphere, I might as well go ahead and write them anyway (you know- just to annoy the mighty Gods of blogging) 🙂


    1. Put all the smiley faces you like, Lua — it makes your comment look very positive! I agree that you just need to write what you need to write no matter if it has been said already or not.


  6. I had a fairly recent idea where two bloggers wrote about something I planned to write about. It didn’t matter much. I thought of it as the universe throwing a rock at me. I still went ahead with my post. It is a strange and overwhelming thing how people from different walks of life (and countries) come up with the exact same idea as yours. What I’ve learned in the few months I’ve been blogging is that it’s ok to get inspiration from other people. I suppose that’s how ideas grow. I also think even if an idea is the same, we have different views and experiences on a particular matter and our stories (and how we tell them) are different from each other.


  7. I get a lot of inspiration from the wonderful blog posts I write. Often times though, I won’t actually post a whole new topic on the same theme, but actually quote a few lines from the other blog post and base my post off that. All credited, of course. 😀


  8. Although I don’t blog myself, I’ve always had a sort of internal blog (also known as talking to yourself – don’t do it out loud too often, gets you very odd looks).
    I was a bit spooked 2 weeks ago to open The Times to find a dialogue I’d been having in my head was a 2 page article.
    Maybe I should be comforted by the fact that, as others have said above, there are other people out there on the same wavelength.

    I’m waiting for my views on religion (which I was discussing with myself while weeding) to appear in another broadsheet newspaper next week.


  9. Enjoyed the read, especially psychic moments, as opened memory vault about my earlier but tentative experiences with blogging – including what took me so long to even notice the blogosphere? I blogged elsewhere for a bit and am trying out word press. Great writing at word press because agree there’s mucho crapola out there.


  10. can’t help but smile while reading. i do use smiley’s oftentimes, if not always, and i’m paranoid that you might think that i got it from you 🙂 Keep spreading the smile eh 🙂


  11. Feeding off each other can be a positive thing…I’ve done a couple of posts inspired by other blogging friends, but they are always given credit in the title: i.e. “Barbie’s Homework Assignment,” and there is a link to the original blogger’s post. This helps both bloggers expand their readership (at least on that particular day!).



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