So, this is a blog?

Hello, World! 

The first time I heard someone say the word, “blog,” I thought they were about to throw up.  It’s such an ugly word — reminiscent of my son’s liberal sound effects most nights at dinner.  I was (and remain) pretty clueless about the whole blogging thing, so please be patient.  The website boasted that I would be ready to go within 5 minutes of signing up…5 days later, I’m still figuring things out, and have a whopper of a headache, and a glassy-eyed look that’s starting to alarm the neighbors.  Hopefully, I’ll come back tomorrow-ish with something to say, and someone to say it to. 

I welcome your comments, suggestions, and (always) your book recommendations.  Let’s get started!

2 thoughts on “So, this is a blog?”

  1. Book recommendation: Apologize, Apologize! by Elizabeth Kelly. The unusual punctuation used for a title drew me to it, and the rest kept me. This book has passages that so perfectly and poetically describe things that I found myself reading them again and again. Also, the protagonist is male, and I was completely under the impression that the author was, had to be, male too, to create and speak as one so well, so was very surprised when I looked at the cover to check when somebody asked me who wrote it. Great writer, wonderful read. I would not, however, describe it as a “feel good” novel, so be forewarned. 😉


  2. I created my own blog back in May so I am as new as you, hope you’re enjoying it as much as I am. Book recommendation? Once by James Herbert, which he calls a fairy tale for adults, of course, he’s a fantasy/horror writer and if that’s not your cup of tea, it won’t appeal, but I thought the story was very well done and it was believable in spite of the fact it’s full of fairies 🙂


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